Dragonfly Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Hemp FACIAL MOISTURIZING CREAM

Our original Facial Moisturizing Cream with the added benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and organic citrus blend of essential oils!  This cream is deeply nourishing without clogging pores, making it rejuvenating for all skin types. Formulated with antioxidants from CBDs, it provides natural wrinkle prevention & sun protection. This cream can be used both day & night. A little bit goes a long way.We use certified organic essential oils to give this cream a light and refreshing citrus aroma. Dragonfly Botanicals Full Spectrum Face Cream benefits:High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in CBD oil make it the perfect tool for fighting pimples, acne, blemishes & preventing future breakouts. CBD has Vitamin D which helps to boost elasticity, stimulate collagen production in the skin & help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. CBD can help prevent oxidation damage in the skin.Using facial care high in CBDs helps to normalize oil production in the skin which will help with even moisture levels and prevention of breakouts. Accelerates surface cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of damaged skin cells..85 oz Face Cream has 250 mg of Hemp CBD1.7 oz Face Cream has 500 mg of Hemp CBD4 oz Face Cream has 1,180 mg of Hemp CBDSweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil*, Mango Butter*, Aloe Vera Gel, Shungite Water, Unrefined Apricot Kernel Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Pure Beeswax, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Silver Solution & Hemp Extract*.This jar is an .85ozGreat for all skin types, and also for those who are looking for a deeply nourishing unscented face cream.

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